Dr Jorge Solis

M.D. Jorge Solís

Founding member of ATRIA Clinic, director of the Non Invasive Cardiology area and Valvular Disease Unit at University Hospital Doce de Octubre of Madrid. He completed his training in echocardiography at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, Harvard Medical School. 2006-2010).

He has developed much of his extensive experience in cardiovascular research, focusing on cardiovascular imaging and valvular pathology. He obtained the Degree of Doctor with the qualification of Cum Laude and was extraordinary prize in his thesis on valvular diseases.

M.D. Leticia Fernández-Friera

She is a founding partner of ATRIA Clinic and director of the Cardiology Service of HM Hospitales (CIEC). She is also director of the Cardiac Imaging Unit and of the Women’s Cardiology Unit at HM Group and of the MAAM Program at ATRIA Clinic, scientific director of the Cardiology Service and promoter of the “Women’s Heart” movement.

D. Cum Laude whose main lines of research are atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease in women, prevention and imaging, which has resulted in more than 90 publications in high impact journals, multiple book chapters and 10 research grants.

M.D. Leticia Fernández Friera. Medical Team ATRIA CLINIC


M.D. Fernando Arribas. Team ATRIA CLINIC

M.D. Fernando Arribas

Chief of Cardiology at Doce de Octubre University Hospital and arrhythmia specialist.

M.D. Pablo Díez

Cardiologist specialized in Heart Failure

M.D. Samantha Wasniewski. Team ATRIA CLINIC

MD Samantha Wasniewski

Cardiologist specialized in cardiovascular imaging and women’s cardiopathies

MD Belén Díaz

Cardiologist specialized in cardiovascular imaging and cardio-oncology

Dr. Felipe Hernández. Equipo ATRIA CLINIC

Dr. Felipe Hernández

Cardiologist specialized in interventional cardiology

MD Sandra Villagrá

Head of Congenital Heart Disease Unit at HM Hospitales

M.D. Alejandro Cortés

Cardiologist specializing in stress echocardiography


Aurora del Barrio​. Team ATRIA CLINIC

Aurora del Barrio​

Technician specialized in echocardiography and vascular echography

Isabel Rivera. Team ATRIA CLINIC

Isabel Rivera

Cardiovascular imaging technician


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