Aware that training is not only an added value but a value of progress,, in Atria we bet on the own continuous training, of our patients and health professionals, to achieve a positive and permanent impact over time.

This is why we have designed a CARDIOVASCULAR EDUCATION PROGRAM based on participation and interactive training in seminars, courses, workshops, informative activities, events…


Patients training

In accordance with European guidelines, we are convinced that empowering patients with their health fosters encourage clinical outcomes. All people must be part of their health and know the tools they have at their disposal to improve it in collaboration with their healthcare professional and thus obtain the best result associated with their needs.

That’s why, at Atria we develop PERSONALIZED INFORMATIVE WORKSHOPS with this objective, try to bring closer the clinical terminology to the patient for the benefit of their health.

Cardiovascular Education ATRIA CLINIC
Cardiovascular Education. Training for ATRIA CLINIC professionals

Professionals training

Our training program is based on sharing our knowledge with other professionals through a scientific program designed based on our experience.  

To do this, we offer a quality teaching activity taught by our medical and nursing.

Self Training

In order to give our patients the best service, our goal it’s not just focused on the use of cutting-edge treatments and equipment but in that such activities are carried out by highly qualified medical personnel. Therefore, in ATRIA we do not stop learning, attending courses, seminars, congresses and, of course, listening to our patients.

“One of Atria’s pillars is to humanize technology as a way forward to advance in the diagnosis and personalized management of the patients”.

M.D. Leticia A. Fernández Friera.

Cardiovascular Education. M.D. Leticia Fernández Friera. ATRIA CLINIC

Courses Seminars

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