CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH is the tool that allows us to continue advancing in the knowledge of the heart.

Understand how it works when you are healthy helps us to wonder what happens when you get sick.

Investigation ATRIA CLINIC

The main objective of the research is to improve people’s quality of life and the care of our patients.

Thanks to science we can transfer the results of research studies to disease prevention or the consultation of our patients to be able to offer better diagnoses and solutions to their cardiovascular problems.

At Atria we have created an infrastructure to generate research projectsof high scientific quality, as we have the latest technology and systems for data integration and advanced analysis of cardiovascular images.

In addition, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals, able to integrate the relevant clinical questions and the scientific method, as well as the data generation, storage and analysis.

The experience and curriculum of M.D. Jorge Solis and M.D. Leticia Fernández-Friera show their dedication, motivation and talent in this field and his high capacity to form a team.

Our international collaborations help us to design cutting-edge research protocols,maintaining scientific rigor and helping scientific advancement.

Similarly,collaboration with bioengineers allows us to develop diagnostic tools applied to personalized medicine and new strategies to act on our lifestyle.

In addition, have a cases’ manager nurse makes it easier for us to collect information in real time and helps us keep a close track of our patients, procedures and clinical outcomes.


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